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For those of you who own a fine time piece and are not able to use the watchmaker of your choice I suggest you contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint with them.  There is more information to the right.

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Setting up the Atmos clock is not at all difficult, it is just a little more sensitive than most mantel clocks.  The first thing to consider is the placement of the clock.  It should be either on a solid table out of the way of constant foot traffic or on a mantel.

Once the clock is in it's place, depending on the style of case you have either remove the front glass, by pushing down on the gold knob in the top center of the glass, or by opening the door or pull the pins on either side of the case and lift the whole top of the case off (be careful of the minute hand when removing this style of case. It is very easy to break the minute arbor).

 On the top front of the base you will see a bubble level and at each front corner you will see a leveling foot.

There is a style of clock that does not have a bubble level, if this is the case the balance tube comes to a point below the balance wheel, just adjust the leveling feet until the point centers up to the locking screw in the center of the base.

 Once the clock is level, set the hands (only in the clockwise direction) to the correct time and release the locking lever.  In a perfect world everything will work fine.