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For those of you who own a fine time piece and are not able to use the watchmaker of your choice I suggest you contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint with them.  There is more information to the right.

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We are a full service clock repair facility.

We repair most types of clocks. Atmos Clocks, Ship chronometers, Ship's Bell,Grandfather,Carriage clocks to the simplest cuckoo clock.

So bring in your clock, our estimates are always free.

Due to the lack of support in the form of replacement parts from the Swiss watch manufacturers we have elected to discontinue the repair of modern Swiss watches.  This decision has not come easily, we hope the Swiss will come to realize that the restriction of replacement parts to the independent watchmaker is not in their best interests.  Until that day comes we will confine our watch repair efforts to antique watches only.

Consumers Alert:


When you purchased your watch, along with the warranty document was there a disclosure?

A disclosure telling you that periodic service or any repair needed for the proper working of your watch can only be performed by that brand Service Center(s).

That Service Center(s) reserve the right to decide for you what your watch needs and how much that Service/Repair will be.
An estimate will be given to you with your choice to pay or pick-up your watch as is?

No, no such disclosure was given to you; however you will be subjected to the above described policies.
Companies by restricting the sale of the necessary replacement parts needed for the proper service/repair of your watch successfully monopolized the Service/Repair of their watches.

 The FTC wants to hear from you, restricting companies are now entered in their computer system and will act when a pattern is detected. That will be achieve by sending your complaints, and let all people around you know about this.

Send your complaint to:

Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20580.
Ref. No. 27462283